The Social Network for Smart Objects

because relations transform

Connedo – Connecting the Dots

The Trailer: where objects are smart and dots connect (68").

The Clip: one million things in one single place (20").

The customer does not pay for objects;
he pays for services commissioned by objects.
Connedo – Breaking Silos:The IoT Metamodel

IoT metamodel (1:49'): Grasp the Incomprehensible (pdf, 9 pages).

Every object knows itself with its properties.
Potentially every registered object is able to communicate with every other.
Connedo – The Pitch

The pitch: objects speak a common language (74").

Connedo – System Thinking

It happens everywhere, anytime (95").

The apps are functionally decoupled from each other. At the same time, they are integrated into the overall system via common database and activity feed.

Connedo is a spin off from a computer science project at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

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