The Social Network for Smart Objects

where digital twins meet

IoT Metamodel

IoT metamodel: Grasp the Incomprehensible (PDF, 9 pages).


We experience novel, interdisciplinary offers, e.g. in smart building, smart insurance, smart health care. (Flyer: Overview)

Entrepreneurs market their products and services in a common market; customers manage their assets in one account.

Connedo maps the smart world. Inconsistencies, thinking errors and logical breaks are replaced by clarity, transparency and comprehensible arguments.


Connedo – the IoT No. 1 Killer App – makes digitization tangible.

Today, we can think of it in terms of its goals: setting up the infrastructure, implementing the first use cases, introducing the stakeholders «to boldly go where no thing has gone before».

Connedo – Pitch

The objects speak a common language.

Connedo – System Thinking

It happens everywhere, anytime.

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