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Connedo – Squaring the Circle

BIM in Context – Squaring the Circle: 1 Aim, 8 Aspects, 20 Angles. BIM Tripple A proudly presents: the Connedo Canvas.

Because Relations Transform

Connedo integrates and standardizes distributed and isolated needs of heterogeneous stakeholders in a common platform (business, innovation, next curve).

Use Cases

The windows have reached their lifespan; they order offers. | The floor knows, new tenants move in; it furnishes itself. | The heat pump lacks a spare part; it prints it & demands for the fitter. | The bathroom mirror detects the basalioma; it sends an initial analysis to the doctor. | The engine fails; it requests a garage appointment & estimates the costs. – Connect your own dots! [Deutscher Text]

Business Model

For each service of an object its beneficiaries pay 10 $. 10 services a day equals 3,000 $ a month. 100 customers generate sales of 3.6 million $ a year.

Eco System

Buildings & rooms, technical networks & furniture, organizations & projects are «social». They know themselves, communicate. They register, speak one language, act. One eco system, thousands of apps: architecture & technology, economics & finance, society & health care.


On paper documents show objects; smart show themselves, in apps. Essentially (data model) the platform is a universal description language for interconnected objects. Storage of data and its processing are strictly decoupled: objects register themselves, apps («Silos») interconnect them. The generic approach is similar to atomic model and double helix. 

Connedo is a spin off from a computer science project at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

When Objects talk

Design your own use cases: connect your dots! (Video, 40")

«My World with a Fingertip»: Connedo – interconnected Use Cases (Flyer)

Think Transformation

The easier it is for an object to connect, the smarter it becomes.

Connedo – Connecting the Dots

see also What is Innovation? Connecting the Dots (Video,2:20') – by David Brier

One million things in one single place.

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