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where digital twins meet

Caution: this site might sustainably affect your mindset (Overview, pdf, 2 pages).

Connedo – Meeting Beyond

Meeting Beyond – the Campaign  (71").

Symphony of Things (5' 36").

Meeting Beyond – Because the people who think outside their boxes are the ones who integrate.
Connedo – Squaring the Circle

Squaring the Circle: 1 Goal, 8 Aspects, 20 Facets: the Connedo Canvas.
BIM in Context  (66").

Connedo – Use Cases

«My World with a Fingertip»: Connedo – interconnected Use Cases (pdf, 2 pages).

Connedo integrates and standardizes distributed and isolated needs
of heterogeneous stakeholders in a common platform.
Connedo – Beyond Flatland

Flatland Conversation, see «Navigating Reality – it's all about perspective» (7:20') by Daniel Schmachtenberger: in flatland, we are «... just at too low of a dimensional perspective properly understand the nature ... » of a problem.

Connedo – The  Canvas, see video below.

Hidden Connections, see IoT Metamodel, incl. its description (pdf, 9 pages).

Video transcript incl. German translation (this video: 2')

The easier it is for an object to connect with others,
the smarter it becomes for itself.
Connedo – The Canvas

Connedo Activities: how much are activities about BIM (3:06')?

Connedo Canvas, incl. BIM as one in 20 facets (3:12').

Documents show objects on paper;
smart objects show themselves, in apps.

Check these videos: What is Innovation? («just perfect», David Brier, 2:20')
& The Art of Innovation («amazing inspiration»,  Guy Kawasaki, 21:15')

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